Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Baby H is One Month Old!

It truly was with joy in our hearts that we welcomed Harrison Stuart David Pond to our little family on August 14th, 2014. How can a month feel at once so long and so short? That pretty much sums up parenthood in my limited experience.

H-Man, as he is affectionately known around these parts, arrived a few weeks early and in a bit of a whirlwind. I had gone the IWK for a routine-ish ultrasound with plans to leave for the valley for the day as soon as I was through. Well, we never left the hospital. Harrison wasn't making big movements so our doctor, who we love, suggested he would be happier (and better fed) on the outside and so out he came first thing the next morning. The night before he was born was so surreal. They had admitted me for fetal monitoring, but there was no great concern. Jeff and I shared a pizza from La Frasca and my favourite Bicycle Thief cake and I went to bed feeling like it was Christmas Eve. (It is funny how you forget all the horrible things that accompany a birth until you relive it again!) All of the discomfort was obviously worth it when I held the little guy in my arms (and I do mean little - he weighed in at a whopping 5lb 13oz).

Like many other mums I'm going to try to take a photo of Harrison every month for his first year. How many months do you think I make it? Two? That might be optimistic...Anyway, I chose the little pirate toy to add perspective, but I think it might have been a poor choice because it is so tiny. I think the diaper will help show his growth...and his cheeks, those are growing too.

I chose this picture because I absolutely love the little face he is making. It probably has something to do with a gastrointestinal issue, but I am a biased mum and I think it is absolutely darling.

Blogging is something I would like to start doing again. We'll see how that goes. I have a very spotty track record and I'm getting less sleep than usual, plus a whole human is depending on me for their very survival. Like I said, we'll see how it goes.



Here are some funny (to me) outtakes from my "photo shoot" (I am well aware I am playing it fast and loose with the term photo shoot):
{deep thought}
* please excuse my phone & toes!


  1. I hope this doesn't come through twice! Congratulations!! He is just beautiful!!! I hope you get time to blog more too, but yes, time is a precious commodity for sure!

  2. Thanks so much, Ellie. We think we'll keep him ;) Fingers crossed I can keep on the old blog roll. I do love it!