Monday, October 20, 2014

Two Months

Harrison is two months old. Actually he is more than two months old, but since he hasn't quite mastered the art of sleeping this mama is a few days behind!

What can you say about a two month old baby? I mean, I love him to absolute bits, but he doesn't do a ton. He is starting to coo and smile and totally redeem himself for causing the aforementioned lack of zzz's. He is starting to hold his noggin up, which is actually impressive given his rapidly expanding cheeks. He seems like he is going to be more laid back than his sister, but since most people are more laid back than Vi, we're still not sure what this little man's personality will be like, but we love getting to know him so far.

People often ask me if he is a good baby, which I also often ask parents of newborns, but the question is a little funny. Does anyone respond that their baby is a bad baby? Before I got pregnant I would have taken a bad baby no questions asked, heck I would have taken a couple bad babies. I think that the fact we waited so long for Harrison coupled with the reality he is likely our last baby makes this whole newborn sleepless haze that much more manageable. When I am up in the night I truly feel so lucky to have a baby to be up with it makes it (almost) bearable. I just smell his head and kiss his cheeks and thank God he is finally here.



Here is last month's photo. (His face is definitely filling out. He may look like Daddy, but those cheeks are 100% Harris.)

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