Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ontario wedding extravaganza!

We spent the last week in May celebrating my sweet sister-in-law aka Precious Jules' wedding in Ontario. It was hot, sunny, and full of hair spray and tulle (like all great weddings). Violet, along with her favourite cousin Emily Pond the first, were the cutest little flower girls to ever forget to carry their flowers down the aisle. Lady Vi and I spent the week before the wedding soaking up the sun, drinking bubbly drinks (sadly no alcohol for either of us this trip) and generally being catered to by Jeff's family.

These are a little late, and I totally dropped the ball during the wedding and I took almost zero pictures (what with chasing after my sugar fuelled daughter whilst wearing heals for the first time in months whilst trying to only face the camera at certain angles lest my girth be captured in wedding albums for all time...you understand).

Anyway, this is a day and I week I don't want to forget:

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  1. Truly, these are fantastic photos. I am pleased that you all had such a great time in this wedding. We too are going to attend a ceremony at one of Chicago wedding venues and hoping to have such a fun time over there.