Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June - endings and beginnings

June has been full of endings (end of the year ballet recital, Vi's last gymnastics class, the dreaded CFA exam is finally over) and a few new beginnings (soccer has started, Vi had primary orientation, the first golf balls of 2014 were hit) and through it all my belly keeps growing!

My mother-in-law kindly requested some photos of her granddaughter and who am I to deny her? It seems like my camera has been in my purse all the time lately -- so many things I want to capture. The sunny days help too.

First, a quick little story about, who else, Violet. She spent the night at my parents house last week so that Jeff could have complete silence during his last night of studying (I was still home so that was unlikely!). Over dinner she told them about primary orientation, which she loved for the record. My dad told me a worried look came over her face after she told them about drawing her family, cutting out butterflies and singing in French. She looked at him and asked, "will I have to do much research in primary, papa?" Ha! He assured her that there wouldn't be too much research, at least not right away. I guess these things are top of mind when both your parents and two of your aunties have been grad students in recent history!



{ready to tendu with the best of them}
{ballerina Violetta}
{post recital, post exam hug}
{so happy to have her daddy back}
{she still likes me too, though}
{"let's make daddy breakfast with meat"}
{first time golfing this year}
{pretending to hit daddy with the club, not something we should encourage I suppose}
{mini soccer, big girl style - they actually play with balls this year!}
{primary orientation}
{amped about learning}
{the cutest}
{post school s-bucks}
{I told you it keeps growing!}

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