Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May Long

You know what is even better than a three day weekend? A four day weekend! I had Friday off, so Violet and I spent four whole days together. Jeff was busy studying so we had some serious mummy-daughter bonding time. We tried to take it easy for the most part. We just hit up the playground, ate our first Dee Dee's cones of the season, ate homemade burritos with friends, ran a race/cheered for a mama and celebrated with much deserved TIBS treats. Oh, we also celebrated a certain man's birthday. Jeff turned 29 on Sunday and we ate hot dogs and drank beer to acknowledge the occasion (that is actually what he wanted to do). I was only okay about snapping photographic evidence of our shenanigans this weekend, but here is what I have.



{some of the first bare legs of the year}
{I couldn't possibly pose for another photo}
{first outdoor cone of 2014}
{Vi and I documenting the momentous occasion}
{market imp}
{scooty mc scooterson}
{my cutest cheerleaders}
{love that face}
{I really hate every picture of myself while I am pregnant, but I really want to document this pregnancy -- I deleted every picture of myself from when I was pregnant with Violet and I don't want to do that again!}
{running with a baby in my belly!}

{yes, yes I do}
{hey, who ran the race?}

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  1. You are beautiful!!! There is nothing more beautiful than a momma to be!!! Glad you had such a nice weekend!