Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Strawberry Pie (& how is it July already?)

Is it just me or is it all of a sudden summer? Our car is full of sand, our driveway is covered in colourful chalk, strawberries are being sold in roadside trucks and Violet is turning a beautiful shade of caramel (despite being coated in SPF 55, I promise). Oh, and our bedroom is hotter than Hades, but I have vowed never to complain about warm weather, 32 weeks pregnant or not!

Summer and local strawberries go hand in hand and one of Jeff's favourite things in the world is my mum's strawberry pie. It isn't a regular old strawberry pie, oh no, it is an amped up calorie-laden whipped cream and cream cheese love fest coated in strawberry glaze. It really cannot be beaten. The first time Jeff had it he ate precisely half a pie, which may not sound like a lot but trust me, I was impressed. Anyway, I'm not the best wife in the world because I have never made this pie myself. My mum makes it so well and strawberry season is quite short, so the thought has never really crossed my mind. Plus, I basically live in fear of making pastry. I was joking with a friend the other day that I think the dough can sense my stress, probably through hormones I release in my hands, and it gets anxious too! I may be over thinking this, but every time I make pie I end up piecing the crust together and scrapping at least half of it off my counters with a knife.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Anyway, my friend Lisa was telling me her plan to make something fun and red and white for her girls to celebrate the birthday of the true north strong and free and it dawned on me, strawberry pie is the perfect Canada Day dessert. It is red and white and calls for berries than just happen to be in season locally at the beginning of July. Perfect! 

Happily I found a recipe for a strawberry pie very similar to the one my mum makes but with a cookie crust. I can bake cookies. My palms don't get sweaty thinking about baking cookies.

The pie was a big hit. We spent Canada day at the beach with friends followed by a competitive game of bocce ball "Pond v Pond v Pond" style. For supper we had barbecued hot dogs and strawberry pie. Indulgent and delicious. The perfect way to end a perfect Canada Day.

{step one} 
{step two}
{step three}



ps -- the recipe I used can be found here: 

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