Thursday, May 15, 2014

baby pond's nook - round 1


We have a pretty tiny house, with a very tiny room we plan to use as a nursery. Jeff is, however, currently using said tiny room as a tiny office. Until his exam is over in a few weeks I can't really get my hands on our little baby nook/nursery. (I hesitate to use the word nursery because it really is a very tiny space...except for if you want to buy our house, in that case it is totally a third bedroom...)

I have a few ideas and I bought the cozy rope rug I showed you in my collage. I also ordered that crib and I plan on making my way to ikea in a few weeks while we are in Ontario to celebrate my sister-in-law's wedding. There is no better place to buy simple white furniture! A dresser can act as a change table, right? I initially had my heart set on wallpaper but the ones I like are bananas in terms of price ($300 for one tiny wall - that seems like a lot, no?). I thought maybe a large print (like the long-horn steer photo above) would look good above the crib, but I'm still not sure. The room is so tiny there really isn't room for more furniture so I thought I'd use some floating shelves to add a little more storage. I also keep buying woven jute baskets when I go to Target. I figure they'll be good for storing blankets, diapers and small toys.

I am afraid of colour (other than grey) on walls, so I am thinking I'll stick with a neutral theme, but what do you think? Is this looking a little drab? I guess I have to consider curtains and lighting too, right? Anything else I am missing? What colour could I add as an accent? Red? I love tiny hearts, but are those too girly? Does that matter?




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