Friday, June 7, 2013

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

Since Violet was away almost all week I hereby dedicate this weekly installment of my gratitude post to her. Well, to her and lilacs. Both flowers. A theme. It works.

Like most of you, we have busy weekdays over here on Roome St. which is why I love early mornings together, even if they are chaotic. Vi often crawls in bed with us and falls back to sleep. She is so not a morning person! I love her grunts and groans as we drag her out of bed. I don't always never arrive at work looking polished, but I do always make time for just one more kiss, which is way better anyway.

We have a low-key weekend in store, but if the sun comes out on Sunday we might dash out of the city after church. Where should we go? The valley? The South Shore? Now that we are a party of three again the options seem limitless.

 Have a great weekend lovelies. Meet you back here next week.




According to the Internet:

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Naming a baby can be tres stressful (good thing I started a list of names in high school...)

You're not alone if the first sip of beer does something to you

Middle age sucks (this is really funny)

This is the best playroom ever

Tips that make hosting a party less daunting  

Annie Leibovitz' work is coming to Halifax 

Best written tv series of all time -- something to do while you hunker down during the rainstorm Haligonains!

I dream of renovating our kitchen. Check out these five trends I hadn't considered. I'm especially digging the tiled walls and I love an eat-in kitchen, so cozy! 

I know a lot of people hate her, but I have a special place in my heart for Leah McLaren. She reminds me of how my dad used to always save the Style section of Saturday's Globe for me. Oh, and I like this article.

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