Saturday, January 28, 2012

Inaugural Post

I first came across the word "infelicity" in a grammar textbook. Apparently writing can be technically correct, but rife with grammatical infelicity. Great, more grey area.

I like the word infelicity because although it describes something unpleasing it is a very pretty word. Maybe I am associating it with the beautiful Kerri Russell, not least of all because her career ending haircut defined infelicity. Also, an infelicity isn't that bad. Awkward yes, disastrous no. In my experience infelicities make excellent fodder for future funny stories. 

When I hear the word lovely in my head it is always breathy, reserved for moments when no other word will do. 

Lovely infelicity. I hope it sticks.

When I was in junior high, my neighbour told me if she ever had a rock band she would name it "Electric Liquorice". I was instantly jealous I hadn't though of that name. I think I actually passed the idea off as my own on more than one occasion. For probably a decade when I thought of that name I felt totally mortified. How could I have thought that was cool? Now enough time has passed and I think my junior high self was totally cute for envying my perpetually cooler neighbour and her awesome band name. Anyway, I hope I don't spend a decade regretting my blog name choice. 

So why blog and why now? This is not my first foray into the blogosphere. A few years ago I started a little blog, which I quite enjoyed but the timing wasn't right. I love reading blogs and unlike other media I enjoy I can join the party, no invitation required. 

So here we go. Welcome to my blog, I'll do my best to make your stay here enjoyable!


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